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Energy Management Made Easy

The SolarNet EMS is a full-featured energy management system that optimizes the energy consumption of your business or residence. It provides highly accurate measurement of facility and critical branch circuit energy usage. It takes control of the heating and cooling needs of your facility, ensuring optimal comfort for your family  employees and customers during occupied hours and minimizing waste energy during vacancy. A fully wireless design simplifies installation and a high resolution touchscreen display makes it easy to learn and use. With built in wifi internet connectivity and powerful remote management capabilities, the SolarNet EMS is the leading solution to help small businesses monitor, manage, and control the cost of energy. It manages your energy consumption and lets you do what you do best – run your business.

Monitor Your Energy, Manage Your Costs

The SolarNet EMS provides you with the tools you need to understand and monitor how your facility uses energy. Measure your energy consumption throughout the week and during occupancy and vacancy hours, understanding what drives your energy bill. The SolarNet EMS empowers you with the tools you need to address your larger uses of energy, implementing control and management capabilities.

Fully Wireless For Simple Installation

Designed for rapid installation in retrofit or new construction, the SolarNet EMS uses a proprietary in building wireless network to communicate between all SolarNet devices. The result is a scalable system that coordinates the heating and cooling control across multiple HVAC systems, creating the sophistication of a powerful building automation system. SolarNet GM energy monitor units measure your energy consumption and can be configured to monitor your entire facility energy footprint as well as critical branch circuit loading. The combination of  SolarNet controllers and energy monitors can be used to scale and meet the needs of simple facilities as well as larger, more complex buildings. All without running wires.


Manage Your Facilities Remotely



The SolarNet EMS runs your facility locally and captures data on performance, energy, and user activity. While it runs just fine without an internet connection, the true power of the unit comes from remote management and scheduling features. If you own multiple facilities you can manage them remotely, adjusting settings as needed. Maintenance alerts can be configured to give you 24 7 notice of performance issues. And monthly   reporting can highlight areas for future investment and energy savings.


The #1 Solution For Small Business Owners

The SolarNet EMS is a powerful business tool. It gives you visibility to one of your largest operating costs. And it enables you to manage this cost while ensuring comfort for your customers and employees. Easy to use, with savings of 25% or more on your energy bills and a return on investment measured in months, not years.




HVAC Control                             Building Management System

BACnet and LONWORKS HVAC Controllers

Distech Controls offers an extensive line of quality, feature-rich controllers for BACnet and LONWORKS that allow for efficient and cost-effective implementation and operation of a building management system.

Our controllers are based on a robust common hardware platform and share the same programming and productivity enhancing toolset, providing increased efficiency and options for system design, installation, service, and maintenance.

Distech Controls’ line of BACnet controllers delivers superior native BACnet connectivity and functionality. Designed for ease of use, our ECB Series of BACnet controllers are BTL listed and offer feature-rich hardware and software toolsets that help increase productivity and reduce installation costs.


  • Complete line of BACnet MS/TP and BACnet IP controllers with the features and flexibility to satisfy the demands of your most sophisticated projects


  • State-of-the-art reliable hardware that cost-effectively addresses all project needs and simplifies wiring and installation


  • Fully programmable using EC-gfxProgram, graphical programming interface


  •  Allure™ EC-Smart-Vue communicating LCD sensor, offering time-saving features such as air flow balancing and application selectionAllure EC-Smart-Vue communicating sensor includes the innovative ECO-Vue™ leaf pattern which graphically indicates energy consumption in real time to promote energy-conscious behavior


  • Supports unique Open-to-Wireless™ battery-less solution for additional flexibility and cost savings at installation