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When you are ready, we can send a Systems Designer to your home to evaluate your site. The Systems Designer will record or measure the following information:

• Age of roof & roof design
• Available roof space for solar panels, roof vent locations, and other potential obstructions
• Electric service panel suitability including space for a new dedicated breaker.
• Orientation and pitch of roof.
• Analysis of tree shading and other factors that will affect sunshine hitting the solar panels.
• Proposed location of inverter (indoors, outdoors, etc).
• Any other factors impacting system price, performance, etc.

A Solar Access /Shade Report and PV Design will be presented to you, this will allow us to choose optimum location for panels.My Solar estimate estimator solar wind calculator.

• Identify issues early in the process
• Ensure sufficient energy production
• Ensure optimum state rebate if available
• Provide city permits, interconnection agreements
• Create an elegant PV System installation proposal

For a quick estimate click on my Solar Estimator this may not reflect all rebates
and incentives you qualify for. Rebates and Incentives vary from State and location.
Contact us for an accurate quote.