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How  It Works.. Reduce you Energy Consumption up to 60%

The answer is simple—it lies in our slogan “The Hotter It Gets, the Better It Works™”. When the sun is the hottest, and a conventional air conditioner is working it’s hardest, Solar Cool™, by harnessing the energy of the sun, is at its most efficient. During the heat of the summer when conventional air conditioners are struggling to cool and burning at least 3-4 amps per ton to do so, the solar collector on the Solar Cool™ system is providing the energy necessary for the compressor to remain in stage one where it requires less than 2 amps and while providing cooler and drier air.Even in stage one, the energy which the solar panel is supplying reduces the energy that the compressor must supply. The sun providing energy to your air conditioner that you don’t have to pay for, it’s the wave of the future for energy efficiency! The Solar Cool™ system has a high efficiency top quality 2 stage compressors and variable speed air handler. The compressor is backed by a full ten year warranty. The system will operate as a conventional air conditioner under any conditions. With the solar assist, the system will perform at an increased capacity, higher than any other air conditioning system available today.Leading the way in solar air conditioning. The Solar Cool™ system uses the sun and one solar collector to super heat and pressurizes environmentally friendly Freon. The solar collector then sends the Freon to the condenser, where the cooling of the dense pressurized Freon takes place. The solar assisted compressor is generating less pressure, resulting in fewer amps consumed by the system. A conventional air conditioner uses an electrical mechanical device (compressor) to create pressure and heat to make the refrigerant hot. We use the solar panel along with the radiation from the sun to accomplish the same task and the end result is less electric is needed to operate your air conditioning. It’s not rocket science, but it is very effective. The Solar Cool™ system is a unique patent pending solar assisted air conditioning system which incorporates a premium 15 or 16 SEER air conditioner with an evacuated tube solar collector to produce unequaled savings and cooler air especially during times of high heat and peak demand. By reducing the power demand at peak load, Solar Cool™ is helping to reduce the need for new power plant construction and curbing greenhouse emissions.