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Saving the Environment

How does solar power work towards a better environment?

Solar power provides eco-friendly energy by not producing any harmful emissions or hazardous waste. In addition to that, it is a renewable resource. In fact, it is more self-replenishing than even other renewable energy options. There is nothing the human species could do right now to exhaust it.

The production of biofuels is another renewable energy option. It involves transforming recently deceased biological material, called biomass, into a useable fuel. Currently, corn is used in the United States to create ethanol. This puts fuel and food in direct competition.

The use of solar power creates no such competition. In fact, there is no need to process the sunlight into a useable fuel. The rays from the sun hit the earth regardless of whether or not we use it. There is no need to grow sunlight or treat it with chemicals. The only processing necessary can be done with simple solar cells, which are built into solar technology.

Fossil fuels are currently used for most of the world population’s energy needs. On top of their bad effects on the environment, such as greenhouse gases, they are a finite resource. It is easy to see why using any renewable energy option would be a wiser and safer alternative. However, solar power does stand out among even these wiser choices because of the extra advantages it provides for the environment.

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