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Energy Investment


Is Solar a good Invesment? With energy costs on the rise and all of the government incentives in place, it’s increasingly difficult to make the case that installing a photovoltaic solar system won’t pay for itself. With warranties of 25 years and abundant proof that earlier-generation systems are still generating  kilowatts long after that many years, not to mention net-metering laws in place that require the local utility to purchase the excess power they generate, it’s

Saving the Environment


How does solar power work towards a better environment? Solar power provides eco-friendly energy by not producing any harmful emissions or hazardous waste. In addition to that, it is a renewable resource. In fact, it is more self-replenishing than even other renewable energy options. There is nothing the human species could do right now to exhaust it. The production of biofuels is another renewable energy option. It involves transforming recently deceased biological material, called biomass,

Power the Future


The advantages of solar power are far-reaching. Although solar power is a relatively new energy source, it may easily become the most important energy source of the future. This is because of the many advantages of solar power: •Solar power is a renewable resource. This means that we are not in danger of depleting its reserves. Though it may disappear behind clouds momentarily and is unavailable at night, it generally returns in full force. •Solar